About Us

Inspired to take a chance and make a change.

our inspiration

Wattle is Australia’s national flower and is seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. This is the inspiration behind The Wattle Tree Co. 

When COVID hit Victoria and the travel industry made major cuts our single owner/operator found the drive within herself to start again. With a long running passion for coffee, we decided to chase the chase the dream of serving unique blends to our customers. And, in September 2020, we opened our serving window on our vintage caravan and did just that.

amazing coffee

Our beans are hand picked from a plantation in Java, Indonesia. The beans are then dried in the tropical sun for seven days. From there, each coffee bean is individually inspected and only the finest are selected to deliver the premium raw coffee that produces the individual flavour of “Amazing Coffee”.

We are so proud to stock these blends in our van.

chilli coffee

We are Victoria’s only stockist of Chilli Coffee!

Chilli Coffee has developed a unique range of Chilli flavoured and enhanced coffees. Our range consists of all four core flavours, or how we define – four intensities of heat:

D’LISH – Super Mild
D’VINE – Mild
D’MIDL – Medium

Don’t take our word for it, try a cup today, it is impossible to stop at just one sip. It is simply addictive coffee drinking pleasure!

Chilli Chocolate has just released their hot chocolate powder.
D’CHOC – Chillichoc Powder 


Monday – Friday

6.00AM -12.30PM


Check socials for weekend markets, festivals or other locations.



0403 254 825




150 Cambridge Road
Kilsyth, VIC